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Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Wholesale

Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn

Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn

Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn (Polyester Coloured DTY Yarn)
Dope Dyed DTY Yarn, no dyeing is needed, which shortens the production process of textile products, solves the problem of environmental pollution in the dyeing process, and avoids the damage of dyeing process to fiber performance.
The textile products made of dope dyed polyester fiber have good fastness to soaping, sunlight and friction.
The colored polyester fiber of different colors enriches the selectivity of textile enterprises and becomes the more favored than silk material by the end products in the market.
We factory's main business is semi-dull DDB DTY, for other colors can also be customized, please contact us for details

Product Details

Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, also known as Polyester Coloured DTY Yarn, is a type of polyester textured yarn that has been dyed black using the dope dyeing method. DTY stands for Drawn Textured Yarn, which means that the yarn has been further stretched and textured after the initial partial orientation process.
The dope dyeing method involves adding colorant to the polymer melt before it is extruded into filaments, resulting in a more uniform and colorfast dyeing effect. In the case of Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, the filaments are dyed black throughout, giving the yarn a consistent and deep black color. This means that the color is added to the raw material (polyester chips or pellets) before it is extruded into yarn or filaments. Dope dyeing is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way to color synthetic fibers because it reduces the need for traditional dyeing processes, which consume water, chemicals, and energy.
DTY yarns are created by texturing or crimping continuous filament yarns to give them a more natural, spun-like appearance with improved elasticity and bulk. In the case of Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, the polyester yarn is not only textured but also dyed black during the polymerization process, ensuring that the black color is integral to the yarn.
Polyester Coloured DTY Yarn, or Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, is widely used in the textile industry for various applications such as apparel, home textiles, and upholstery. Its black color remains vibrant even after repeated washings, making it a popular choice for fabrics that require colorfastness and durability. Its advantages include colorfastness (since the color is incorporated into the fiber), ease of care, and resistance to fading, making it a popular choice for products where a consistent and long-lasting black color is desired.















Product description

Welcome to the world of superior yarn craftsmanship, where innovation meets efficiency. We take immense pride in presenting our esteemed product - Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, a premium textile solution that redefines versatility and performance. As a leading manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, we are committed to delivering top-quality Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn that meets the diverse demands of the modern textile industry.
Understanding Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn: A Cut Above the Rest
Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn represents the pinnacle of yarn engineering, combining cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship. Our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn stands out in the market due to its unique characteristics and unrivaled performance, making it a sought-after choice for various applications.
Unraveling the Parameters: Versatile Offerings
Our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn is available in a range of Denier Textured Yarn (DTY) options, each tailored to cater to diverse needs and preferences:
DDB DTY 150D/96F/144F - This fine DTY option offers excellent strength and flexibility, making it ideal for creating a wide range of textile products, from clothing to home furnishings.
SIM 150D/48F - The Semi-Dull (SIM) variant of our Dope Dyed Black Yarn, with its lustrous appearance, adds a touch of sophistication to your textile creations, ensuring that your end products stand out in terms of both aesthetics and performance.
NIM/HIM 200D/96F - The Non-Intermingled (NIM) and High-Intermingled (HIM) versions of our 200D/96F DTY Yarn offer versatile options, suitable for various weaving and knitting applications.
NIM/HIM 300D/96F - Embrace the strength and resilience of our 300D/96F DTY Yarn, available in NIM and HIM variants, delivering superior performance in a wide range of textile products.
NIM/HIM 450D/144F - Our robust 450D/144F DTY Yarn is designed for heavy-duty applications, ensuring durability and longevity in your textile creations.
The Dope Dyeing Advantage: Beauty and Sustainability Combined
Dope dyeing is a state-of-the-art process that imparts vibrant, fade-resistant color to the yarn during the manufacturing stage, as opposed to conventional dyeing methods that occur after yarn production. Our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn offers several key advantages:
1. Unmatched Color Consistency: Dope dyeing ensures that the color is evenly distributed throughout the yarn, providing consistent and uniform black tones. This consistency elevates the aesthetics of your textile products, presenting a seamless appearance.
2. Superior Color Fastness: The dye molecules become an integral part of the yarn during the dope dyeing process, resulting in superior color fastness. Our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn retains its deep black hue even after prolonged exposure to sunlight, washing, and abrasion.
3. Environmentally Friendly: Dope dyeing is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional dyeing methods, as it significantly reduces water consumption and eliminates the need for additional dye chemicals. By choosing Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, you contribute to sustainable textile practices.
Performance That Inspires:
Our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn is crafted to excel in various applications, owing to its exceptional characteristics:
1. Strength and Durability: The Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn boasts high tenacity and strength, ensuring that your textile products maintain their structural integrity, even under stress and frequent use.
2. Softness and Comfort: Despite its robust nature, our DTY Yarn retains a soft and smooth texture, providing superior comfort in clothing, home textiles, and other applications.
3. Ease of Processing: The Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn is designed for seamless processing in textile machinery, ensuring efficient production and reduced operational downtime.
4. Versatility in Applications: From apparel to home furnishings, our Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn adapts effortlessly to a wide array of applications, opening up endless possibilities for designers and manufacturers.
A Trusted Partner in Textile Excellence:
At Zhejiang Jinrui Fiber Technology Co., Ltd, we are committed to delivering Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn of the highest quality, backed by years of expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to excellence extends to our customer service, as we collaborate with you to fulfill your specific yarn requirements efficiently.
In conclusion, Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability in the textile industry. With its remarkable color consistency, superior color fastness, and exceptional performance, it redefines versatility and beauty in textile applications. Embrace the advantages of Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn, and let it inspire your textile creations with excellence and brilliance. As your trusted manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, we look forward to being your preferred partner in delivering top-quality DTY Yarn for all your textile needs.
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Zhejiang Jinrui Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Si’an Industry Zone, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 1.5 kilometers away from the Si’an entrance of G50 Expressway, with convenient transportation. The company was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 50 million and covers an area of 220 acres. We are also a professional China Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Manufacturers and Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn Suppliers which provides with custom Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn and wholesale Dope Dyed Black DTY Yarn.

Our company now has total assets of nearly 400 million yuan and 400 employees. Our main products are semi-dull and super bright polyester filaments yarn for blankets and plush. The main production equipment includes 4 ZHONGLI POY spinning production lines, 10 sets of Japanese TMT and 25 sets of HONGYUAN type 1000 draw-texturing machines. Hence our annual output of POY will reach 140,000 tons and the annual output of DTY will reach 100,000 tons.

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