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Polyester POY Bright Yarn Polyester POY Bright Yarn Polyester POY Bright Yarn

Polyester POY Bright Yarn

Polyester POY Bright Yarn (Trilobal Bright POY Yarn)
POY (POLYESTER YARN) is available in various kinds of lustrousness like Full-Dull POY, Semi-Dull POY and Bright POY. 
In order to eliminate the luster of the fiber, titanium dioxide (TiO₂) was added into the melt spinning process. POY yarn without TiO₂, it is considered as Bright filament POY (or Tri-lobal Bright yarn). If 0.3% TiO₂ is added, it is called semi-dull filament POY. And if TiO₂ added is more than 0.3%, it is considered as full-dull filament POY. And therefore, the polyester bright yarn looks more shine than semi-dull or full-dull yarns in the light. The fabric made from Bright POY also has the bright luster.

Product Details

Modified cross-section fiber (shaped fiber) with different section shape is made by spinneret with non-circular holes in spinning process. Compared with circular fibers, profiled fibers have many characteristics. Triangular fiber (trilobal yarn) is widely used in knitting, weaving, blanket and carpet industry.
1.Enhanced optical effect. Especially triangular fiber, have the spectral action like small prism, which can make natural light combination after splitting, that makes a silky sheen.
2.The increase of surface area of shaped fibre can enhance the covering ability and reduce the transparency of the fabric.
3.The special shape cross section of fiber, which can enhance the cohesive force between fibers and improve the filling power and air permeability of fibers.
4.The anti-drawing performance of modified cross-section fiber is better than the round fiber’s, so the pilling resistance of the circular ring fiber can be improved.
5.In addition, the different shape of the section produces features like moisture absorption, silky feeling, velvet feeling and animal hair imitation. So shaped yarn always apply to make blankets, knitwear and plush fabrics.
Polyester POY Bright Yarn, often referred to as Trilobal Bright POY Yarn, is a type of polyester yarn known for its lustrous and shiny appearance.
Polyester POY (Partially Oriented Yarn): POY is a stage in the polyester yarn manufacturing process. It refers to the partially oriented yarn that is produced by extruding molten polyester polymer through a spinneret to form continuous filaments. These filaments are then partially stretched and wound onto a bobbin. POY is an intermediate stage before the yarn is fully drawn and texturized.
Trilobal Bright: Trilobal refers to the cross-sectional shape of the polyester filaments. Trilobal filaments have three distinct lobes or points, which enhance their light-reflecting properties, making them more lustrous and shiny compared to round or flat filaments. This trilobal shape is responsible for the "bright" appearance of the yarn.
So, Polyester POY Bright Yarn, or Trilobal Bright POY Yarn, is a polyester yarn that is partially oriented and has a trilobal cross-sectional shape, giving it a high sheen and glossy finish. This type of yarn is often used in the textile industry for a wide range of applications, including clothing, home textiles, and upholstery, where a shiny and attractive appearance is desired.

Product description

Welcome to our website, where we take pride in offering a wide range of Polyester POY Bright Yarn, also known as Trilobal Bright POY Yarn. As a leading manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, we specialize in producing and supplying this exquisite yarn that adds a touch of brilliance to your creations. Our Polyester POY Bright Yarn is designed to meet the diverse needs of textile manufacturers, designers, and artisans who seek to create fabrics with captivating luster and visual appeal.
Polyester POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) is a versatile fiber known for its exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. The polyester yarn is available in various types of luster, including Full-Dull POY, Semi-Dull POY, and Bright POY. Our focus here is on the stunning Bright POY yarn, which is created by incorporating titanium dioxide (TiO₂) during the melt spinning process.
The addition of TiO₂ to the Polyester POY Bright Yarn helps to eliminate the natural luster of the fiber. When the POY yarn is spun without TiO₂, it is known as Bright filament POY, or Trilobal Bright yarn. On the other hand, if 0.3% TiO₂ is added, it is classified as semi-dull filament POY. When the TiO₂ content exceeds 0.3%, it becomes full-dull filament POY. The Polyester POY Bright Yarn, with its inherent shine, displays a vibrant luster that surpasses that of semi-dull or full-dull yarns when exposed to light. Fabrics made from Bright POY exhibit a captivating brightness and radiance that enhance their visual appeal.
The brilliance of our Polyester POY Bright Yarn makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of textile applications. Its dazzling luster adds depth, dimension, and a luxurious touch to various fabrics, making them stand out in the crowd. Whether you are designing exquisite evening gowns, glamorous home textiles, eye-catching upholstery, or high-end fashion accessories, our Polyester POY Bright Yarn will elevate your creations to new levels of elegance and sophistication.
The advantages of our Polyester POY Bright Yarn extend beyond its alluring appearance. This yarn possesses the inherent characteristics of polyester, such as exceptional strength, excellent color retention, and resistance to wrinkles, shrinking, and abrasion. These qualities make it an ideal choice for products that require durability and longevity. Moreover, our Polyester POY Bright Yarn offers versatility in terms of dyeability, allowing you to achieve a wide range of vibrant and vivid colors.
At our manufacturing facility, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that our Polyester POY Bright Yarn meets the highest industry standards. We employ state-of-the-art production techniques and utilize premium-grade materials to create yarn that exhibits consistent quality, uniformity, and excellent performance. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our production process, from sourcing raw materials to final packaging, ensuring that our customers receive a product that exceeds their expectations.
We understand the importance of customization and flexibility in today's textile industry. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of options in terms of yarn counts, deniers, and colors to cater to the unique requirements of our customers. Our Polyester POY Bright Yarn is available in various specifications, allowing you to choose the perfect combination that aligns with your creative vision and technical needs.
In conclusion, our Polyester POY Bright Yarn is the perfect choice for textile manufacturers, designers, and artisans who seek to infuse their creations with a mesmerizing luster and visual allure. With its brilliant shine, durability, and versatility, this yarn opens up a world of possibilities for designing captivating fabrics that make a lasting impression. Explore our range of Polyester POY Bright Yarn and embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. Trust in our expertise, quality, and commitment to deliver a product that adds an unparalleled touch of brilliance to your textile creations.
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Our company now has total assets of nearly 400 million yuan and 400 employees. Our main products are semi-dull and super bright polyester filaments yarn for blankets and plush. The main production equipment includes 4 ZHONGLI POY spinning production lines, 10 sets of Japanese TMT and 25 sets of HONGYUAN type 1000 draw-texturing machines. Hence our annual output of POY will reach 140,000 tons and the annual output of DTY will reach 100,000 tons.

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